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Project Goals

  • Undertake an extensive revitalisation of the user interface to align with the company's marketing direction.
  • Increase mobile traffic and conversions by establishing a high-level user experience across all modern mobile devices.
Screen shots of the Noel Leeming website.

Our Solution

Implement a mobile first front-end framework utilising a modular responsive grid system and modern coding methodologies. A living style guide has been established, which the in-house team use to quickly create new page templates by applying code from the web style guide.

Screen shots of the Noel Leeming website.


Within 6 months of release, sessions and transactions significantly increased for mobile traffic. The in-house team has been able to quickly create and refine page templates by referencing the style guide. This also means that the branding style & user interface remains consistent throughout the site.

Screen shots of the Noel Leeming website.

Case Studies

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